Why is my husband's semen so gooey?

My husbands semen seems unusually thick to me. All semen I hold seen in times gone by has been pretty runny and somewhat diaphanous. My husbands comes out in globs almost. I always pee when we are dong have sex and I can see big globs on it in the toilet. Do any other guys have this? And dont communicate me its an STD cause I know for a fact that its not.

Answers:    powerfully i would say he probally has an increasing sperm count.. enjoy you been having sex smaller number frequently..
Your husband may not be getting enough water within his diet, ask him how much he drinks a day. Then tell him to drink no smaller quantity then 3 16oz servings throughout the day. Over a couple of weeks see if within is a difference. Also, have him ejaculate in front of you, so you can see what it looks similar to with out being contained by you first, maybe the watery parts are mixing near the terlit water or are absorbed by your body. You realize that you produce stuff surrounded by your vagina, too, don't you? So what makes you so sure those globs are his spunk and not your discharge? Maybe he doesn't have an STD or anything but you should hold yourself checked..
drink more fluids. just like anything that the body produces to be exact water based, if you dont enjoy enough water itll be thicker. Its probably your own discharge.

Why is his semen coming out surrounded by your pee? Youre meant to swallow it..
He drinks too much milk. Tons of them! starred as interesting!.
For The Person Who Said This Was Sick
What An Unbelievable ****.
Dont Say Anything If Your Just Gonna Be A Dick.

Duno, Get Him To Go To GPs? Maybe Its His Diet Or Something?
Its not an STD, he just eat too much of it himself. STD!.
Maybe he has an STD? Just a thought!! Maybe he doesn't *** enough...own him ejaculate more often.
o my god i just threw up..why did you hold to go into those details you f*cking sicko...it just is gooey why ask these dirty questions

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