Shooting blanks, root?

Does jackin off too much lead to not have a whole lot of, or sometimes any *** when ya blow it? I'm in my 20s and am wondering that ask.

Answers:    tossing off every hour will make you shoot blanks,impart it a rest dude !.
There is no way that you can know that you are shooting blanks unless you have have a semen analysis. What you are talking about is the volume of ejaculate. If you masturbate impressively often...a few times a day, consequently yes, your volume each time will be less than if you did it every other afternoon. However, if you look at the total amount for that day or two, it would be about equivalent to one nouns every other day. Your body continually produces semen and seminal fluid. Later in go if you want to start trying to conceive, you would want to cut back on the masturbation so you have plenty volume in the load to enjoy a better chance on fertilization. Wearing tight underwear can affect your sperm count, as they hold your balls too close to your body and your ball are controlled by temperature. So when you are cold they are near your body and when you are hot they hang down lower. So your pants can affect your sperm count.

Masturbating won't affect your sperm; other than you may produce more semen if you are used to regular masturbation.

Don't verbs, you will be fine.

There is one thing you need to know going on for a man: you have a unlimited amount of sperm men who are 70 still have sperm and still can produce children. Women are born next to a set amoutn of eggs and once they are gone they are all gone. Men are blessed to have an unlimited supply of sperm. it is a reality that having over 200 orgasms a year will raise your sperm count, will label you loose weight, wont suffer from Alzheimer's earlier than most others

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