How masses times ok to masturbate?

I massturbate about 10 times a daylight are this normal is their a robustness risk


what supplements do you take to catch bigger?

Well, I guess 'normal' is average for most but not all so nearby's really no rule of thumb to go by. Well, if you start missing work or college to do it, you've gone too far. If you dumped your girl because she couldn't keep of next to your grip of steel, then yeah, perchance you've gone overboard. Better yet, if you can procure the middle man to pee unless you stroke him a bot first, then you enjoy definitely gone too far. Different individuals, different demands. You judge what is too much for you?

iam 16 and solely frakin 5''3?

carpule tunnel syndrome

what is coitus interruptus?

I don't think that at hand is any risk

Too young for problems keeping an erection?

That is not regular man. Chill!

What are the names of sexual improvement drugs for men?

Hun. That is alot. If you life the attitude just hold sex and get it out of you system. You should try to control you sexual urge.

which excersie is best for backbone?

seems like you hold problem with that.. 10 times a year?

How do gils think of men i am a man my self?

ten wow carpal tunnel dude 10 times wow

Why do some men hurried?

you must have a sore paw.i think you might be exaggerating a moment ago a must masturbation is not moral for your sex life when you gain one,as it causes ejaculation prematurely

Fix for shaving irritation?

Are you human? Errrr... I anticipate, no that's not healthy. I deduce that the number for 'heathy personal releases' in a time is somewhere arround 1 or 2 (and even that is open to question according to some people). Like the above person said, within is definately a risk of carple tunnel syndrome.. Also a chance of one impitent later surrounded by life.

Is it fruitless to stretch my testes?

I have be told by a doctor you can do as much as you like. You armour may be extreme, but please share such gift next to one who deserve it. It wont be so bad to rate for a X service, because you can give ten times contained by an hour. You can seduce even the most experience X-server.

You ar a true member of Xmansion, should be in motion off antic with storm and psycholp

First aid treatments for paraphimosis at home?

The one and only health risk is if you crash down in front of a bus because you hold become unsteady on your legs through tiredness


Jesus Billy, 10 times? When I was nearly 13 I would do it like 3-4 times a hours of daylight but eventually the novelty wore stale.

If you have merely started masturbating then I'm sure you will eventually do it smaller quantity once the novelty wear off. You must involve band-aids for beating that point raw son.

That's what I bid doing work. Be careful son because you're playing near a loaded weapon now so take care where you point it.

where is the prostate located?

If it become painful, yes. If not, no. Males are built to reproduce as repeatedly as possible. But it may lead you to stillness and breaking off your social engagements, which you'll necessitate to be a well-rounded person. I'd suggest trying to cut down for the sake of your feature of life. If you're concerned adequate to where you enjoy to ask Y! answers, it seems you regard as it may be too often, which ability it probably is.


Testicle problem?

no no no -- carpal tunnel is caused from a b-6 and magnese fewer -- don't worry roughly that ------- just drink extra protein if you're going to do it that many times a light of day --- extra water too ---- ----- ------ hold fun

(it's not too much ---- someone said control it -- but do whatever you want to do) -------

by the route, being horny is in actual fact a way of eliminate fear -- -- -- I enjoy read that it's more difficult for obsessed masturbaters to unite women because they're not horny like they should be ----- hmmm, something to consider -----

how lots times a day to pull?

well, masturbating is a very colloquial activity by a immature person but within should be limit to it as it is going to thieve up your energy.
moreover u should overdo anything

Is a mannish more sexual or a female??

C*um c*um man, reckon about becoming a sperm donor you may ascend to the Guinness Book of Records in the fullness of time

Problems urinating...cant receive the water to move up the stream. Any serve?

not a problem billy, beat it until it bleeds. after beat it for bleeding.

Can a plastic surgeon expand your penis?

masturbate as much as you want.

why my penis is much reduce during rest?

Where do you find the time?

I hold purchased many different creams and medicine to add length and breadth to my penis. Nothing works.?

A couple of times a day is not adjectives that unusual but ten times a day might be for a moment too much. Try to cut back, try not to climax so swift, and try to enjoy it while it's going on. It's not adjectives in the orgasm although I know that's the best quantity. Try to take your time. Go for characteristic not quantity you won't regret it.

Can I stop shaving down within?

that is too much for 10 times a day. everyday once should be okay for some population. 3 times a week is good.

What are mirrors??

while 10 times a daylight might be a bit too much masturbation, the ultimate choice is between you and you penis; if it is sore, cut fund.

Is retrograde ejculation harmfull.?

hahahah Billy go for it ,it wont hurt you or your condition...i presume your very youthful and just started...i be the same once and it diddnt hurt me at adjectives...the only entry you need to verbs about is because of adjectives the time you spend doing it the chances of mortal caught by someone is higher...

does the penis achieve darker next to age?

yes it is good
even u can do it 100 times a day
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