Is it possible for a man to ejaculate without touching himself or one touch simply by looking at a picture?

My boyfriend was watching a video I sent to him & he said he in actual fact ejaculated(Alot) without touching himself. Is this possible to own an orgasm without self touched?


Is 13 inches an average penis size for a 12 year old?

Yes but it is extremely unusual. My gay friend showed me a video of a guy doing that. It was amazing LOL But I hear that if you ejaculate without any external stimulation, nearby might be something wrong with your penile track.

And yeah it is also similar to Wet Dreams.

are ther any benefits?...?


I hold a hernia that has gotten progressively larger over five years. Should I receive surgery?


(also, think of drizzling dreams)

why do guys..........?

not possible, i tried and failed.

Do Gals perfer larger mannish penis over Avg. size?


is it safe to masterbate once a morning?

i never have while awake.contained by my sleep i have.

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it happen

triming down there?

yes it is possible
did he influence he just ejaculate or did he actually hold an orgasm?

Model for Men's Magazine?

You better believe it is.
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