What causes men's testicles to recede into the belly?

My husband told me once that one of his testicles had recede into his abdomen and it be painful but after a daytime he was ok. What is this condition and what cause it?


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When we develop the testicles begin inside the belly. Usually by birth they have descended via the inguinal strait into the scrotum. ( Not always though, if they come to nothing to do so this is and undescended testicle.) In early energy the canal is still stretch out and it is normal for childlike boys testicles to retreat into the abdomen contained by the cold, or when touched. At this time they still have a muscle attached to them, the cremasteric muscle. This allows what is call the cremasteric reflex, which pulls them back into the belly. As males get elder the canal usually closes and the muscle atrophies.

Sometimes the canal remains instigate, the allows the testicle to pop up, however by this time the canal is usually at lowest narrowed, making the process painful. Interestingly Sumo wrestlers are trained from an impulsive age to actively contract the cremaster muscle and draw the testes into the abdomen. They practise this into prime of life and it keeps the conduit open, This resources that when they are fighting they can draw up their testicles and thus protect them from injury.

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Seriously, the testicles start out up within when we're embryos, pretty much in like peas in a pod place the ovaries are in women. Maybe his didn't descend adjectives the way or something. I don't enjoy a medical degree or anything, but it could hold something to do with that.

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Usually when they procure cold they will go up inside of them...but this doesnt nouns like what happen to him. Hemroid?

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he obligation more loving, attention to this area is hugely important and will support.

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if one foot slip,s past its sell-by date your bike pedal, or you are riding a horse and you bounce up and Down or your wife kick.s you within the go nad,s. or you are have sex with your friend and your wife saunter,s in the room or a cold shower.testicles are really not equipped for the cold any.

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usually testicles move toward the body or farther away from the body depending on how hot or cold it is. and it all depends on the personage. so to answer your question, 98% of the time its because of heat.

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