Men, do you shave your upper cheeks?

I've recently started shaving after mortal told to do so because of the amount of thick coat on my neck and obverse, but I have comparatively long but not thick tresses on my upper cheek. You know the type, vellus hair next to no colour. After seeing afew men with none of that on their cheeks it have got me wondering whether I'm supposed to shave my upper cheeks. But I'm worried that if I do the curls on my upper cheeks will grow back thicker.Or can't this transpire, do beards own a hairline?


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It doesn't grow posterior thicker, that's an old wives' myth. Keep on shaving your crazy long colorless hair if you have a feeling so inclined.

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Sometimes. If you're gonna do a career, you might as well do it properly

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Yes, and it doesn't grow vertebrae thicker. That's a myth.

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yes i know wat your talking roughly speaking dont shave those otherwise hair will start sprouting below the eyebags. you dont want the 5 oclock shadow anywhere subsequent the eyebags.

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Beards do grow back thicker and thicker once you start shaving. The upper cheek entity is weird because I remember when I be about twelve/thirteen and surrounded by the same situation as you, the fleece did not come back as vellus fuzz it did not come back at adjectives, it has very soon started to come back in a minute that I am approaching thirty. I'd shave it off, if it comes put money on then it comes wager on.

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of course you should shave it. Why would you continue untill the last second up to that time to shave. I started shaving as soon as I noticed a few hair on my face. Yes please shave or grow contained by neatly so you don't look similar to a bum

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Unless you are a especially young male(doesn't give the impression of being to be the case) in which initial growth will be fine and soft-popularly particular as "peach fuzz" getting thicker and more course with readiness, it will not grow back any thicker. The hackle on the upper cheek is much shorter- lived,finer, and falls out before it get too long (otherwise we might have bigfoot sightings in clothing). Go ahead and shave it sour.

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I own been shaving since I be 13 yrs. And it all started out as peach fuzz. Your genes will determine your bulk not the blade. That being said, it is best to shave adjectives hair bad of you face even if it's on your cheeks. This will donate you a smooth look and if you leave it, it will look as if you not here it. Girls like a smooth look more than a beard. I enjoy had a beard since I be 17. Yes a full beard since then, and yes a beard have a hair procession but it is not a clean as your go before hair rank. One thing your might do is to turn to a Salon and talk to the associates there and see going on for Waxing your cheeks and that will last longer that shaving. Now if you want the curls that is your choice but if it be me and I've been within I would take it sour.

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I shave my upper cheeks everytime I shave. Some guys get it thick by inheritance but none get it sticky by too much shaving. Like I stated earlier I shave here everytime and never get it rear legs thicker.

feel free to shave it. You will appear more resourcefully groomed and will never experience any unwanted side effects.

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Unless you are very furry in your upper cheeks, I don't reason it is necessary.

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