What happen when you don't masterbate for a long time?

Do you have more sperm when you do masturbate or something resembling that?


My dad has alzheimers...?

Generally if you haven't masterbated within awhile you will have a larger amount of ejaculate when you climax but that depends on how long awhile is. Your body have a sperm level that if to much is anyone produced and not being ejaculate such as through sex, masturbation or nocturnal emmissions then it absorb the excess, or slows down production to maintain the stratum it has. So if it's be a few years lets read aloud since you ejaculated after the first time you do it there might simply be a small amount until your body goes fund into sperm production and your load go back to commonplace.

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What do you consider "a long time"? I never run more than 6 hours without a date next to Palmela Handerson.

My boyfriend had testicular cancer and after surgery have retrograde ejaculation. We were told?

Nope, nought happens.

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no i heard u enjoy less sperms come out.
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