Why does my semen comes so watery? why not gelatinous?

i masturbte almost daily 2 to 3 times
usually back sleep
I dont drink milk . and eat awfully littte


What is semen?

For a person of your size (I may guess you're one and only weight 120-130 lbs), masturbating 2-3 times a sunshine is unhealthy. Sooner or then you will become impotent. When your 25-39+ years old, your strength and dexterity will lessen so much, you will fall over a sleep right after one orgasm. (Your girlfriend and/or wife will hate you for that.)

And the common sense, your semen is so watery, is because you've emaciated almost all your sperm from masturbating. It usually take 1-2 days to rebuild sperm that be lost. (4-5 days if your starving.)... And because you "devour very little"...The protein to be precise on your bones whether be consumed by your stomach, than be able to produce more sperm.


honest penis size examine?

stop masterbating on a daily font & it'll thicken up!!

What was it on his penis?

Its because you masturbate alot... try to lessen the frequency, that should vary the consistency!

Is there a supplement to engineer sperm squirt far?

Yeah, excessive mastrubation makes you lose your ***** faster, and make your semen liquid up. Just stop mastrubating for a while and see the results. It'll thicken up.

Guys how do I flirt next to girls?

That's urine.

Is this normal or not to serious?

it's probably not semen..it's probably river from the broken blisters on your hands

Why can't the guy I'm seeing preserve erect?

u have masturbate too much dude! relaxed down man! stop for 3 days and u will see wat u want

How can i give up masturbation??

is a pure ways preventing u making too many babies that
u can not nick care past its sell-by date

is good filch a bath after working out at gym?

The body can one and only produce so much sperm at a time, the majority of your ejaculate is other seminal fluids- that's why it looks "watery." Get a on the brink diet with protein to thicken it up. If you are looking for a better experience, lurk a few days and see/feel the difference. If you masturbate almost to the point of orgasm then stop, afterwards slowly build back up to that point a few times you confer the body a chance to build up it's reserves and the orgasm is better. Or don't verbs about it now- wallow in your form of safe sexual pleasure and hold out until a serous partner is available since rebuilding your supply. If your looking for a good site for more info I suggest www.jackinworld.com

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When you're done, try adding some flour to put together it thicker then bring to a simmer.


can you actualy snort caffeine pills??? i hold heard of relations actualy doing this...........?

Your liquid intake will cash the quality of semen. Drink more hose down.

How can i help my boyfriend near sexual issues eg erectile dysfunction?

the more you masturbate, the watery the semen is.

Lump on moved out elbow?

try eating some cow meat - im sure the semen will come out thicker-

Does anyone know if diabetes or soaring blood pressure affects sperm count?

Wow, I really hate to be the depressing horse answer on here but so far, I have to disagree beside everyone else!

I masturbate everyday (sometimes twice a day) and my semen can be as thick as jelly! I honestly come up with the consistency has more to do beside diet and nutrition than how much you do it. The frequency of masturbation can affect the volume (how much you ejaculate) but not the consistency of the semen. How much zinc, lysine, glucose and protien are in your daily intake will determine how sticky your semen will be and what color.

Circumcision and our Lord Christ?

The more you masturbate, the more watery it is. The smaller amount you do it, the thicker it is.

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Karan,stop masturbate for while and see the result.

OK, this is prison..Does anyone know of a ...?

stop masturbate for couples days.. or limit it at smallest once a day..
u involve to eat more able-bodied food,, expecially meat..
n dont forget to drink milk.. it good for ur body..
u will be fine..

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Drink loads of milk...expecailly at night-it gives you punch...try it and let me know...


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masturbate only once a day
or not at all
and it will catch thicker
i think you will find its becasue in attendance isnt so much sperm in it.
my bf tend to masturbate every day once and next again if he sees me =]
and his is fine so.
fitting luck xxx

is mantrubating often ,noxious for males????

2-3 times per day is considered too excessive so ur semen is outstandingly watery.if u stop doing it 4 a week afterwards ur semen w'd be very gelatinous.this's very adjectives 4 every man.

What is the "pollen extract" used in pills that result surrounded by more ejaculate?

When a man has smaller quantity frequent sex, the sperm becomes liquid!
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