My penis arches downwards... consequences?

Is there anything discouraging that could happen because my penis arches downwards? And for the girls here, do you find it more pleasurable for near to be an upward arch or does it make no difference? The singular advantage I can mull over of it having is when I win a ***** in an awkward situation it's smaller number obvious.


Do you enjoy to have drizzly dreams to be a healthy guy?

Just to be clear. You do not own Peyronie's disease. What you have is what even a majority of guys hold: congenital curvature. There are several curvatures: curving up, down, left and right. There are even some near even unique curvatures resembling up on a portion and down next. LOL. But really, just a sizable portion of guys have that straight shape. As for your curving down, as long as you estimate it will not hamper sex (if it is so so curved), after you are good to run. If you think curving up is better, consequently you can change position right to maximize your partner's pleasure. What is historic is how you use it! Be resourceful, be creative. Sex is how you manage it. You for sure will give a individual experience to those women. (c)


My ex boyfriend has that too, it be actually rather fun and nice. There are no health consequences to it, and it's truly a disease, named Peyronie's disease. I judge it's better because it brings different pleasures than a "normal" penis would.

Im going to have a circumcision! what will come to pass to my frenelum??

dont worry man, some other penises arch down-up-side to side, its only a type of erection
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