Does Milk Come out of Men's Nipples?

me and my boyfriend were merely fooling around and we both found a liquid coming out of his nipples.
Can anyone speak about me what it is?


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I am giving you a serious answer, not individual silly. Men can produce milk, the same as women. In instruct to get lactation started within a man, his nipples must be sucked on. If you were sucking on his nipples and he started producing milk that is to say prefectly normal.

A perfect example of this is like surrounded by Africa. There are reported cases of a lactating mother dying, leaving her infant for her husband to embezzle care of. He can't buy formula for the child. He allows the child to suck on his nipples and they start lactating so he can breast nurture the child.

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no. your bf is sick and nasty. you must break up.

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all i can notify you is it is not milk

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yes gallons of it

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You should honestly have this checked out. Milk does not customarily excrete from a man's nipples, seeing as they lack functioning mammary glands.

However, he could hold a tumour (either in his breast or elsewhere) and this could be discharge.

There are abundant other reasons for this, but this should hopefully show you the seriousness within which the problem could be related. So, please, have this checked out by a physician.

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probably puss, smell it

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There is such a thing as masculine lactation...yes, it's just approaching the milk that comes out of breastfeeding mothers.
Search male lactation on for more info.

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It's highly possible that it is milk. Although it doesn't come across possible a small percentage of men do produce milk.

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Hi friend,
Male system cannot trade name milk.
Your boyfriend may be fooling around.
You may try again and look carefully this time
as nearby may be some trick that he may be playing.
Bye friend.

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He may be getting into some womanly hormone pills causing him to lactate. I would suggest going to a doctor and getting it checked out!

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Sometimes in newborn when there is some humane of imbalance a masculine child can lactate. They used to call it "Witch's milk". I've never hear of it happening to adults though.

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Men don't lactate, and even extensive hormone treatment in transsexuals have failed to induce masculine lactation.

He likely have an infection, and you saw, to be blunt, clear puss. It could also be plasma leaking from a wound.

There's a VERY slim luck that your Boyfriend is actually a Female to Male transsexual near functional mammaries who happens to be lactating for some origin, but this is unlikely.

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That's Disgusting. Your Boy frined must have be freaking out! That is normal for a man to do that! That is disgusting! Skeet outa the nipple is foul!

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Well, that concerned of happened to me one time. I'm not sure if it's milk though. It looked close to a drop of it though.

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Hi Ariel, when I was something like 14, a male friend going on for the same age notice liquid coming out of his nipples.

We adjectives thought there be something wrong with him.

Years then, I learned from healthcare empire that when a male is going through puberty, the hormonal change sometimes cause his nipples to produce a milk-like fluid for awhile, and sometimes even for "breasts" to commence to form.

But it goes away after a while, once his body's hormonal hustle and bustle has evened-out some.

But it can be fear-provoking for a boy if he seems to be growing breasts.

Unfortunately, even though we live in a time when science have learned like mad about our bodies, few nation actually transport time to learn these things. You are erudite to ask for answers.

Hope this helps.
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