Male butt odor?

Is there a approach to get rid of butt odor which I am assuming comes from butt sweat? Everytime my friend (male) sits in a place for a while he leaves a stench on the nouns that he sat on... it smells so disgusting resembling feces...he's not even morbidly obese or anything.. and he showers everyday.. but it makes me not want to sit within the area he sit on because I feel approaching it will mark me and spawn me stink... It makes me want to throw up. But I don't want to share him that his butt stinks. Is this possibly from lack of flawless hygiene washing within the butt area? or is it from when he sweats? He say that he sometimes get rash from his boxers because he sweats a lot down nearby. What causes him to sweat so much down within? Is there a passageway I can get him to acquire rid of that odor that he produces in the butt's so gross.. and I don't think its from farting? when he farts in that is no smell that comes out.. thank god... but that butt odor he leaves on chairs sometimes is ugh...


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At times, one see this a lot near ill race who use the same bench over and over. (Sometimes it's the smell of gas, sometimes urine.)

My guess is that he is passing gas when he sits down, or the odor on his clothes linger when he passes gas elsewhere. Sweat does not smell approaching feces. Sweat smells like sweat. What you might certainly be smelling is sweat mixed with the smell of gas or feces. Maybe sweat is the "carrier" of the smell.


1. He money his underwear at least twice a afternoon.

2. He always dresses next to a fresh pair of pant or jeans everyday. And if he wears pant or jeans one day they should be wash.

3. Some flushable wipes be kept surrounded by his bathroom.

4. He consider using some form of powder to absorb the smell, every year.

5. He should avoid passing gas beside is clothes on -- if possible use the restroom, at smallest at someone elses house.

6. He should wash thoroughly down here when he showers or takes a tub. And if he uses the toilet after his bath time (if at adjectives possible) he should wash his backside any with a bath rag or wipe.

7. He should wipe thoroughly after using the toilet.

8. Examine his diet. What's cause him to pass gas so much. Does he entail more fiber in his diet, more fruit? Is he defecating at inopportune times during the hours of daylight?

Hope this helps.

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ugh tell him to wipe his @ss really pious and to shower!

are you sure its your friend?

cause perchance its you!

a friend wouldn't tell you that he sweats on his boxers!
and that he have rashes!

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he doesnt wipe good, that also explains the rash, sweat doesnt do that.

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Does he sit with his cheeks spread or something? Holy hell. I guess suggest kid wipes...?

Is this typical or not to serious?

I suspect improper wipe. Yuck.

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It's not sweat.

Sweat smells similar to sweat
and **** smells like ****.

Tell him to return with a bidet or some of those flushable baby wipe.


How long (abs)?

he probably showers but forgets to wash his butt
report to him to apply powder as well

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Let me guess, your contained by Iraq? I would jokingly ask him if he even wears underwear. Ask him if he smells matching smell you do. Tell him to put his nose surrounded by the chair and sniff it.

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why dont you press yur snout to the seat smell firm for 10 min - your nose will be pretty very well 'acclimitised' after that

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iv never heard of that, he would probably want u to put in the picture him tho, would u want some1 to tell u if u have butt stench

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soap and washcloth in the shower stops that i think - dude this guy is NOT NORMAL and should be counseled - or in recent times beaten near pumice soap and sanitary spray.

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He wants to bathe!!

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The answer to that is that he does not wipe capably when he goes to the bathroom. There are still remnants departed of his bowel movement. Subtly let him know almost it. That is what I would do. As for him sweating so much down there, he probably have a lot of fleece.

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Tell him to use babe powder on his butthole.
It would be funny.
And could work.


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tell him to take a shower or newborn powder?

i dont know but when i was little my mom other told me to put baby powder on my stern

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are you sure that you aren't referring to yourself as "the friend" to avaid embarassment.

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Thats what causes it, when guys get hot an there underwear rubs the inside bad the leg raw for some extraordinary reason it forms a smelly substance... Tell your friend to obtain baby diaper over-hasty cream an put on it. It really works fast, My husband get like that when its physical hot an he works outside but the baby diaper imprudent cream if he would jus rub it on there up to that time he goes to bed it would be better within the morning!! ;)

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your friend only just needs to wipe up that area properly. and he wants to use Axe body spray down there.
Hopefully that help.

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Hilarious, yet thoroughly interesting. My brothers friend had impossible to tell apart problem. I believe it is some kind of disorder. He desires to see a doctor. Maybe a Buttologist. Just kidding, couldn't comfort it. But seriously he needs to see a doctor.

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Maybe he is ill. There are some deseases that motivation people to smell bleak, no matter how much they go for a dip. Ask him if he has any medical history. If he really ahsn't, consequently introduce him to some new drizzly tissues who smell nice, maybe the ones for private body parts?

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Wet wipes

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he have mud butt !


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get rid of him.he wan.ks himself and cums in his pant .that what smells in his pant.
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