What is the normal length of man Penis?

While erection mine is 5.5inches to 6inchs, & during normal mine is 3-4inches... Is it okay...???


How do I englarge my penis minus any surgery?

Soft adult penises are usually between 3-1/4 and 4-1/4 inches long. Some may be shorter, longer, thinner, or thicker. Five to seven inches is the average length of a sturdy penis.

Boys and men are often concerned in the region of the size and shape of their penises. There is no standard penis size, shape, or length. Some are fat and short. Others are long and water down. There is no truth to the idea that a bigger penis is a better penis.

Size have little to do with any reproductive or sexual function. Some empire prefer that their partners hold a certain size penis. Preferences for penis size can be compared to preferences around height — nearby are just in the order of as many culture who want tall lovers as want short lovers.

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probally a little small but not that small i ruminate its about 5-7 inches.

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Erect should be going on for 5 and change. Non erect here are hangers and shrinkers.

what is an average size?

well not usual but average is 5- 6 inches.

Does Viagra only work when you involve it to?

5-6inches erect.



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5.5 when men be measured by the clinician in the study, and 6 inches when the men measured themselves and told the study how big they were, which manner that guys either don't know how to weigh correctly or they inflate it. There's also only a small ebb and flow between races(.1-.2 inches), except I guess they had problems near condoms being too big surrounded by India.

Little sister help?

15 inches but mines small compared to Dads

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how can i take home it last longer? Men assist me out...?


What is up with my friend??

The average size of a man's "erect" penis is 6 inches.

I musterbute more than 5 times per week.?

no Raj

For Big penis.?

Nope, sorry...you miss the OK length by give or take a few 3 inches. What will you do now?

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The average size of a man penis is 6.5 "

Does the sperm cell ever get out of stock when you masturbate?

what ever size it is it is ok not approaching it is going to cause you anguish if it is small or like you will die or something.

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From my experience, which only includes my own component, that is on the small side.

I'd keep hold of those numbers to myself if I were you.


5 inches you horny guy.

I can soft spot the colors I see?

6 Inches is normal. But what you men should really be focused on is how cavernous is the vagina, about 6 inches. So length is not the issue. However, girth without a doubt has its advantages. And the penis is not the singular way to ease someone, there are plenty of other resources.

Stop worrying something like it. Most women work with what they own.


Someone told that if you remove your?

The average size of a man's "erect" penis is 6 inches.

erections since surgery?

The bad report is that is adjectives downhill from here, as you get elder, your erections are not as strong and your 5 1/2 will probably end up around 4 3/4 The flawless news is that by afterwards you'll have revise have to use it. The unpromising news is that you're going to use it on elder women. The good report is that older women rock. And, seriously, if you're overweight, losing weight can make available you more lenght. Meantime don't worry nearly it, you're perfectly average.

puberty crisis here?

Perfectly OK Yaar !....it is not the quantity (length) matter ...It is all more or less the quality matter in evere sphere of natural life...Do not worry....Learn dutiful tricks fron Kama Sutra or from Lots of relevant web site on Sex matter...Do practice with yr companions...Be careful U will get AIDS within the process ...Enjoy Yr Married or Sexual life to full extent...Happy New Year

Penis size?

For the woman who loves you, your penis will be dependable...trust me. I would say that your penis is inwardly the normal collection for most men.

Can you have kids when men are not circumcized?

5 - 6

Is nearby a way to cause sperm thinner in consistancy?

It's not the size as much as the girth, how big around, that is most essential to a woman during sex. My husband bangs into my cervix and it hurts! This is adjectives.

You're normal.

what is idea of bubbles in urine?is it insalubrious?

Right on average.

Guys only: would be piqued if your gf asked u to try.?

perfectly normal.....what nearly girth? if u want send me a email.. making my own conclusions.. hehe earn more about penis behavior :) here is what i come with

This is in my own writing, it wasn't copy and paste, enjoy it, it took me a while to write it and hope is beneficial to everyone. Thanks.

Since I own answer to many of these examine regarding penis sizes, i recollected most of my answers, read it and you put together be satisfy beside a correct answer.
Is a little smaller quantity than average, but i could predict that at least 20% of males are of that size or below ;) , well certainly height does not thing, some people over six foot tall dont own a 5 inch dick! I came up beside this after researching it!
penis sizes!
less than 4 inches is track below ! >4.5-5.0 moderate > 5.0- 6.3 (average 65% of any male u encounter are around this size!) > 6.7 (10-20% of popul) more than average > 7.2-9 smaller amount than 10% (gifted) > 9+ thats a big ******* story! ahhaah 0.1% of the male population *(Different pattern site and researches show these stat as the average penis 5.1, 5.7, 5.9, 5.877 from these numbers you can conclude what’s average, since adjectives those are say to be average, I guess they are diff because are taken within different regions, let vote if u take duplicate test within china you would find out that 4.7 is average! and 6 is to big. well other internet survey voice to be 6.2 so is funny because it does not match beside true measurement, so self measurements add more than 2 cm. Be proud of what you have, the average vagina is in the region of 3-4 inches so there is no problem satisfying up that space! and if the woman loves you, there is no problem.. but everyone wishes a bigger penis even I and i have 7.3 :) .... **** dont they articulate smaller pennis stand up longer? enjoy
you don’t verbs; I bet money that 80% + those that make fun of other beside small organs have smaller number than 6.6 inches! cuz only 10% of the population hold over 7 inches!
do stretching it may give u a few cm
will know ur final size when u arrive at 17... you will gain from .2-1.5 inches from that age up to 17!


The wonderful penis would be above average size (if you were given a woman what would you pick like peas in a pod girl with smaller or bigger breast? yes is possible you pick above average and not to big any, is the same entity for penis..) what would that size be? hmm I would definitely say-so 7-8 inches x 6 inches of circumference..thats a bit bigger than porn actor though, most porn actor have between 6-7 inches but since their are bellow 6 foot their penis look bigger on them... and so there are porn entertainer with more than 8 inches...(note that those manly actors on the internet next to mega penis are mostly the same population...there aren’t copious with over 10 inches...) approaching I said is preference some woman may prefer something smaller later 5 inches... or something bigger than 7 ... but at the end you will love a woman near small tities you usually never dump her for that.... it happens to be impossible to tell apart with women and our penis... Hope this help..

forget the motion of the ocean.... sorry girls but a 4 inch guy can do what a 7 inch penis do ( if they know what they are doing of course)vaginas are 2-2.5 inches broad therefore a penis beside girth of 6 inches will reach and stretch you so adjectives ur nerves are receiving pressure, so is ur G spot everything is done by PRESSURE, NOT THE MOTION OF THE OCEAN swot up that....a 5 inch penis can almost do the same entity but give matching person different sizes and u will see the different obviously anything over 9 inches can hurt and less pleasure but anything from 7-8.5 inches is the BEST of sizes logically if it has 6-6.5 inches of girth

I have like 6.5 when I be 16 and now I am 18 it is 7.3,.. Don’t touch bad, try doing exercises resembling stretching! maybe u gain something in 1 month! preserve going if u see any gain maybe instead of achievement 1 inch.. u gain 2-3!
penis sizes!
less than 4 inches is style below ! >5.2 moderate > 5.5- 6.3 (average 60 % of any male u encounter are around this size!) > 6.7 (10-20% of population) more than average > 7.2-9 smaller number than 5% (gifted) > 9+ that’s a big ******* story! ahhaah 0.1% of the male population

yo, u enjoy 4 in so what? u can thrill any woman, plus u are oriental so u may be with Orientals so u are within the normal size for Orientals.. even a being with 3.5 within penis could satisfy an oriental woman! try doing penis massage, i dont know if they work. I do them sometimes but have see no gains but after adjectives i dont need it, i am approaching 7.3 inches. :) ur orientals women have see shorter penis than that i bet!

first measurement is soft(unerect, second is erect penis size surrounded by inches. Hope it gives you an notion.

United States 3.4/5.0
Germany - na/5.6
Spain - na/5.3
France 4.7/6.2
Japan 3.1/5.1
Brazil - na/4.8
Italy 3.9/5.9
Venezuela 3.7/5.0
Mexico - na/5.9
Greece - na/4.8
India - na/4.0
Saudi Arabia - na/4.9
Chile - na/5.5
Colombia 3.5 5.4
Korea 2.7 3.7

My words are truly and not made to hurt anyone's feelings, I am basically answering, I don't know you and probably don't know me either, so I don't win anything from lying.

agree to the truth be told.

I found this site.... pretty good put ur size where on earth it says ([pick your erection length) hehe see where on earth you stand..
http://www.afraidtoask.com/members/mgeni... (the graph shown tell us an average of more or less 6 inches… which isn’t true, if u read what I wrote above averages range from 5.0-5.7 so, permit say if u appear to have 5.25 inches and the graph give u are bigger than only 10% isn’t inactive true, you can be bigger than 20-30% and like if u enjoy 6 inches u may be in the 60 -70% not in the 50% where the graph says…. I newly add this graph because I found it cool.)

how to procure your penis bigger?

One day somebody asked Abraham Lincoln that what should be the proper length of Menes legs.He replied that they should be long plenty to reach the ground.

Men, are love handels on girls attractive? (pic)?

If you want to increase the size of your penis lacking any surgical method I can advice you a confident and safe home method which will definately grant you results.If you want you can contact me with adjectives details of your problem to me at free_sexadvice@yahoo.co.in I am a consultant sexologist

What does a penis look close to??

The average is 5 to 6 inches.

anyone have counsel on weight loss?

It doesnt thing. U r normal. But stop asking such childish qs.

should i bring Viagra for psychological ed,virgin, 18??

It is ok and friend size is nothing within sex but how u play it that counts. Fore play can make it more lovely so dont muse any more about it dance and enjoy..
I am a consultant sexologists so u can contact me

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