How to prolong orgasm and erection during sex minus taking any drugs?


is masturbating to much is a bad item?

perfect remedy as given to me by a urologist---engage surrounded by solo sex an hour or two, before the anticipated time for parntered sex.
everything go into slower reaction mode.

A Question?

One process to not decrease orgasm or erection is not to masturbate.
There are several problems related to masturbation similar to the aging process quickens,loss contained by memory over a period of time,infertilty,premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction,and other strength problems when u reach your midlife.Also if males invlove themselves in masturbation b4 21 they do not allow their prostate gland to develop properly.

All these ppl unfolding you that masturbation good are WRONG!Most of them simply want an excuse to masutrbate and others just dont know and hold heard it from others in need knowing the reason.
Understand the science losing masturbation from the website below and you will know that masturbation has much more disdavantages than advantages.Also read the associates's experiences it will open your eyes.I too freshly realized a few days ago.


I do difficult math surrounded by my head. Integration and linear algebra work for me.

Penis size?

My fiance purely slows waaaaay down and takes it as an opportunity to detain his breath as well as a style to build up stronger orgasms.

is it okay to trim?

grab your balls and squeeze firmly

Average or too small...?

look up kegel excercises on the network. They work for men and women apparently, but I can say for sure they work for men - they help me out a lot. I did them for a few months and I be able to hold sour for a long time - she would go twice back me.

I am fifteen feet towering.?

Don't listen to "Tom," he doesn't know what he's talking give or take a few.

Listen instead to professional, respected people on this subject.

Check out the links below for reliable information.

The participant,"Addicted to Piercings" speaks the truth and know exactly what he's talking in the order of.

Is my penis long enough? What can I do to bring in it longer?

Exercise, exercise, exercise.

that's the best and healthiest way to do it, and within are special ones for the Penis as well.

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