I wonder if any men smoke Virginia Slims?


Hi guys..i have tatoo interrogate help!?

desperate men whose wives forbbid them to smoke so they appeal to their feminine neighbour who is in indistinguishable situation and they hide from their mate just approaching teenagers hide from their parents:)(inspired by a true story : my dad):D

Whats this?

Yes some do. I know a guy.

He just like them for some reason.

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HAHA...I in actual fact knew a guy who did! I grant it made me question his sexuality.

Can a party hold going to the bathroom for a few days?

The only men I hold observed smoking virginia slims were gay men.

Or those that REALLY stipulation a cigarette.

Cure for penis discoloration?

yes and they probably wear pink lacy thongs too.

How many orgasms are possible surrounded by a single intercourse?

idk any that do.. just grotesque

When u is like fillin not so fresh, how u be handlin dat?

I'm sure they enjoy when they need a nicotine fix.

Why do i pee the bed when im drunk?

Yes, the ones who enjoy boyfriends.

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I enjoy to say... Virginia Slims are pretty girly. But, at hand really aren't any "manly" cigarettes.

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