If semen analysis total count is 25 million per ml and if mobility is 80%.is ther any problem for getting preg


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even if the semen is good, the woman may still not attain pregnant, if she has some physical problem of her own

the semen analysis seem to be fine

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motility sounds apposite, number im not sure, call the doctor and ask,

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Its pious both count and mobility. You need merely one sperm to get preg. Good luck!Spartan

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The sperm count is a measure of fertility surrounded by a man. It is the number of spermatozoa in a section volume of semen. A normal sperm count is between 20 million and 40 million sperm per millilitre . A sperm count below 20 million sperm per testicle is low and may indicate a fertility problem.

So since your sperm count be 25 million per mL, you are still within the regular range.

It is impressive to note that if a man's sperm count is smaller number than the normal inventory, it is still possible to father a child. The sperm count depends on how long ago the man last ejaculate. So, if there's no problem near her or you, you may want to hold off on the sex for a while to build up your arsenal of sperm.

As okay, exposing the scrotum and testes to extreme heat and cold; temperature outside the range of optimal sperm production; can snuff out sperm quickly and lower sperm count to nil.

Sperm count is usually due to a number of reason -
2.Zinc deficiency
3.Anabolic steroid use
5.Bathing in extremely hot water
6.Malfunctioning genital organs

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There's ALWAYS a chance of getting pregnant. Your probability seem really flawless!

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