Im a man doing musterbation for more than 4 years. how will it affect my duration?

i do have a girl freind but i do musterbation twice a time, willit affect my sperm production


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not really. Masturbation is ordinary. Your body produces so much sperm anyway it doesn't really matter how regularly you masturbate, you can still get a girl pregnant if you *** inside of her.

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i wouldent have a sneaking suspicion that it would affect the sperm production..

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yes probably
your sperm count goes down, but consequently again you can always brand more

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holy **** your inadequate..u have a g/f and you do it 2 times a time. yeh it will lower your count but not a lot, and its get you last really long presently, but if you keep going in 10 years you wont be capable of bust cazz by the time you are ready to dance shell be done and fall asleep. Oh youll also take a lot tired and lazier as you progress surrounded by months.

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It will lend a hand fight against prostate cancer.I wouldn't verbs about a low sperm count.

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well, as you obtain older it take longer for your body to reproduce sperm. and masturbateing twice aday will lessen your sperm production.

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No need to verbs about your sperm production till you're married and want children. But the one and only real verbs is how much of your time and energy respectively day is taken up by masturbation. It doesn't hurt you if you do it occasionally, but if you reason about it constantly and do it adjectives the time, you could be in trouble and probably lose your girlfriend after a while.

Get your mind stale it. Enjoy it occasionally but do some other things - sports, etc. - to be healthy.

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umm yea prolly so. powerfully r u doing musterbation because of predating, or are u doing it for some kind of vigour issue? if its predating then i would stop immediatly because u will train up in serious hazard. if ur doing it because of a health issue afterwards thats set.

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no u can never run out of sperm

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Masturbation is a hygienic outlet for your sexual energy. It will not affect your form in any path. It is perfectly common to masturbate daily. The no. of times you do it depends on your age, horomones etc. Most teens do it day by day so dont worry you're ordinary :-)

Sperm is produced every hour and is self regenerating so masturbation will not muffle your sperm count/production.

How can i ejaculate lots n lots of sperm?

that's affect you is you fell much better alone . that's not affect you sperm production .that is a forceful way because sex Whit out is the wrong opening venereal disease can cause infertile today sex is for dome sty use single. only send crazy diet , smoke,stretch pant or underwear ,stress can affect the sperm production

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be particularly careful your dick might drip off lol No its fine u cant do it to much ever and in that is no healf problems or nothing.

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