Why does sperm stain? I Have yellow stains adjectives over my boxers, white shirts even my denium.?

Any way to remove them


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wan? maybe it turned washed out cuz its a really old stain. Maybe an "past its sell-by date white" but it shouldnt be yellow.

Bleach will embezzle it off. As far as the jeans. u will call for color safe bleach, and u should clean up it as soon as u can.

Keep a box of tissue next to ur bed!

and ur answer as to "Why does sperm stain?"
Well, cuz it have color, off white! and as it dries, it get darker.

Even sea has the faculty to stain! everything staines.

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traces of urine!!

clean white clothes in bleach or hydrogen peroxide to remove stains.

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bleach?? why don't you hold sex more often or jack sour in the shower?

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Well it is a liquid substance. Try bleach.

What's Wrong.?


Help me please!?

Does it have odor? Maybe you have an STI.

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Should wash out unless you agree to it sit for days and days. Just presoak it. Hopefully you do your own laundry.

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