Can you live lacking testicles?

Can a man live with testicles? Such as if they be injured in an accident or something similar to that? This has no relation to the the other topic I posted.


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Yes, you can live without testicles. They are not essential organs.

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Sure one can. Testicles only supply hormones and are used for reproduction. Other than that they hold no uses vital to existence.

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Yes and he will sing like Tiny Tim

How do i know that i enjoy erectile dysfunction?

who wants to live in need balls???? i want to *** on titties for decades to come!

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yep, they castrated little boys with supreme voices surrounded by Italy to sing in the churches, they were call the castrati, they kept their high angelic voice. the harem watchers were significant dark men who be castrated so they would protect the women but not touch them, eunuchs

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Yes, but then you be required to purchase uncharacteristic underwear that has built-in nutz. It's not the most pleasant experience because you gain super embarrassed at the store and next every girl knows you hold an issue. I would suggest buying on line.

If you use a penis pump and your vein show and its red is that a good piece?

If u r so worried, get transplant ball of a monkey or a dog. If u chose the second option afterwards there may be some difficulty while making river that u will need a pole or tyre of a vehicle to piss on it. I suggest u live short balls caus some times surrounded by case of any unexpected hurt they pain a long.

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yes you can

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a man can live without a penis or testicles

if a man have no penis, his testicles can still produce necessary hormones that formulate him a man

if the guy has no testicles, his body won't be capable of produce testerones, etc, so he will lose those facial body hair, and he can't produce sperm, kind women pregnant either

in ancient time, some churches cut rotten boys' testicles, so they can sing like boys even after they grow elder

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Yes you can live short balls or testicles. However you will never be a woman, because you will not grasp those hormones. You will not speak with a sophisticated voice immediately, but eventually your voice will mellow. And for the worthy part, you will live longer later most men and some women, because castrated men out live almost every body. that is if it is done up to that time age 50.

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live yes! testicles are not essential to a guy's survival. though not having testicles might impair one's skill to impregnate a woman.

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