Can I enlarge my penis by injecting it next to synthol?

I see how it makes calves and arms carry bigger, but can it do the same for a penis?


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Leave your penis alone!! Deal beside the size God gave you and don't inject anything into your'll step limp for enthusiasm!

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There is nothing you can inject into it that will do what you want without risk.

There are some surgical implants, but that's it.

WHen does the penis stop growing?

NO you cant label it larger, but you can do serious damage to it.

But next again if you are impotent and cannot achieve an erection, consequently size really doesnt matter.

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no are you nuts, you'll just ruin your penis

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You can, but the type of enlargement you will capture is probably not the type of enlargement you are seeking. Synthol is a fatty acerbic that many bodybuilders inject directly into their muscles to construct them look bigger, and it works because the fatty substance is temporarily trapped between the muscle fibers so it puffs them up and makes them look huge.

However, the penis is made up of spongy tissue, not muscle. Injecting synthol into this tissue would create it to swell, blocking both the urethral opening and blood flow. So, even though the penis itself might look bigger, you resembling will had trouble maintain an erection, and passing urine and semen. And, you would manifestly sustain (possibly permanent) damage to the tissues surrounded by the penis because they are delicate and can be slickly damaged if the penis remains distended too long. Unless you do not love your penis, and don't mind not human being able to hold a normal sex duration afterwards, this is definitely not something I would recommend.

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haha do what you want. But i can guarantee that it won't end ecstatically for you. Just live with what you hold!


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the penis isnt a muscle. Wont work. will of late make you impotent for go

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