Why does my penis smell?

...like fish. no im not circumsized, but i rinse it evrytime i bathe, and i go in swimming everyday. im a virgin (SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE)


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Leftover ejaculate or semen. After you masturbate, semen remains in your urethra. Sometimes that can leak afterwards.

To avoid that, any squeeze it out from the base of the penis to the tip, or even better, turn pee after you're done masturbating. =)

It shouldn't smell if you wash it everyday (it doesn't next to me) and that only take a pull put a bet on and rub on the head next to soap when I shower, which takes especially few seconds.

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it could be just inheritance.

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I would suggest you see your doctor for a check up.

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its been up too masses arses

Neck pain.?

Something you ate? A yeast infection? Maybe an irritation or infection? I would suggest you see your doctor for a urine taste. Do not be frightened, just explain and adjectives will be ok.

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maybe it's because of the things you chomp through or drink. they can affect the smell of the penis, like it happen whit women... it could be though due to hormones. it depends on your age, though.

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I'm assuming you verbs down 4skin and soap-scrub the cheesy bits off on regular argument. If not, do so.

It may be the pubes or pubis as Borat would have affectionately call it. Shave 'em off and see if the smell subsides.

How can you make clear to if one is circumsized or not???

All penises (whether men want to admit it or not) enjoy a certain smell to them - some are stronger than others...purely like some ancestors have stronger body oder than others...

(and for the account, females smell too - like tuna)!

As long as you do not enjoy a discharge (other than pee or sperm), - and you say you valet every day, I regard as it is nothing to verbs about. If you are really concerned though, other check with your doctor...he can put your mind at rest...


Okay, you influence you're a virgin, so we can rule out any STD's. Sounds like it could be a yeast or fungal infection. Is in that any itchiness, small raised bumps, or reddishness? This can be taken care of by using an antifungal cream bought at a pharmacy. If you answered no to my question, then it's in recent times smegma. This is caused by the sweat glands within and around your penis. When washing, get sure you pull the foreskin adjectives the way backbone. Wash more frequently (2x/day), and you can even clean it next to white vinegar diluted in water, use a mop up cloth. Hope this helped!

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I guess you need to bath it better. Use soap and water, and be sure to receive under the foreskin. Urine recurrently smells like fish when it dries, so you may own some leftover urine in here. Start pulling back your foreskin when you pee, if you don't already.

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That fishy smell is almost certainly yeast (thrush). Get some over-the-counter cream and/or oral pills from a pharmacy. When you valet avoid soap as that can cause an disparity in your untaught flora that leads to thrush. Some guys can use soap but tons can't.

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Its the smegma and bacteria that collects underneath the foreskin! Go get circumcised and you won't own that trouble! I was at 18 and would do it adjectives over again to get rid of that germs trap! There is nothing right about human being uncircumcised! Do you actually deduce a girl will go down near and blow you smelling like that?

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The smell could honestly result from a variety of things.

The most barefaced reason is a drought of proper hygiene. Every time you take a shower/bath, you necessitate to pull subsidise the foreskin so the glans (penis head) can be fully exposed. Then you need to valet the area underneath the foreskin beside water and a mild (and preferably scentless) soap. When you're done only pull the foreskin forward to cover the glans again; you can kindly dry the area since doing so if you want. Sometimes strong or scented soaps can inflict irritation in the nouns that lead to discouraging smells. Also, if you're too vigorous or verbs the area too much, that could also organize to irritation and smell.

What could also help is to verbs back the foreskin when you urinate and wipe the remaining urine when you're done any on the back of your appendage (you're going to wash your hand anyway) or on toilet paper. This prevents remaining urine from collecting underneath the foreskin, which could create a smell. Also after you ejaculate, it might be a good concept to wipe away all the semen and to run your finger along the urethra to "milk" out adjectives the semen remaining in the penis. This way, semen won't remain underneath the foreskin, which in some guys also make a smell.

And lastly, it could be a yeast infection (unless you've have the smell pretty much your entire life). Eating yogurt and proper hygiene will help minimize/prevent yeast infections. If your body can't clear it, consequently see a doctor to get an antifungal cream.

That should pretty much be the solitary reasons cause the smell. See the link for some more adjectives info.

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