Cramps after ejaculation?

My boyfriend has be having cramps surrounded by his penis, usually after he ejaculates. He said they would come and stir at times and he cant do anything to make them stir away. They would go away after a short time bit. He says its freshly an uncomfortable consciousness, almost like a charliehorse (I reason thats what you call that kinda cramp).

What is wrong? Is this everyday? What is the cause of this? What can he do to prevent these cramps?


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Waiting for next physical is too long. A cramp is a sensation from the body resulting in an inbalance of usually posassium, sodium, and need of hydration to a muscle. In the emergency room, a report such as this would get the long-suffering moved from next within line to the highly front and straight back to a room. We verbs about torsion and other dearth of blood supply to the male reproductive system. He desires blood work, a urinalysis, and an ultrasound to be performed to shed table lamp on what may really be going on.

Food for thought. Last week had a boy come contained by a week after he felt spasm in his testicles. A week be too long and he lost one of the testicles due to poor blood supply.

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see a doctor o.o

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Tell him to stir see a doctor instead of asking random society online who have no view what they're talking give or take a few.

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Cramps? Never hear of it. Maybe ya boyfriend and you, should go to the doctor! I would put my trust surrounded by a doctor on this question. Because askin folks online you would never know what answer u might get! Could be a sign of prospate cancer

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Is it following rough sex or adjectives sex? There is actually a bone surrounded by the penis, he coud have spained it, thoughtful of like a being sprains an ankle. If it hasn't had the prospect to heel properly he could aggravate it everytime he has sex. He should see a urologist.

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