What is the cause of tacky semen ?

My semen too thick . approaching a cream!! what is the reason ?? I masturbate several times. very complicated to count . need advice


If a man shaves his arms and legs, is he gay?

masturbate beside your left foot. lefties are known for their softness.

Use a timer

What are some biddable tools to strengthen my chest muscles at home?

Are you taking Paxil? If so that will do it.

(Bumping&Grinding) Do I have an impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)?

Drink deeply more water. Half of your freight (exchange pounds for ounces) in sea daily.

Stop masturbating. Then you won't verbs about it.

Is it impossible to have no armpit quill?

~Definitely in need of wet and masturbating too much. Maybe your semen is jealous of the pool river?~

I want to have a bigger chest, what specific exercises should I do?

you intake to much proteins and salt cut down and it will diaphanous out

Am I normal?

You seem to be to have an fixation with Semen and Masterbation.
Many men are finding it difficult to control their sexuality at present due to the continual sexual provocation in the media and increasingly sexally agressive women.
You may be suffering from a form of sexual addiction as, orgasm releases endorphins, hormones similar to heroin and you know how addictive to be exact.
Be careful and if you find it impossible to stop Yahoo Patrick Carnes a principal researcher in this corral.
Good luck.

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