Masterbation.. Whats the best instrument?

imma dude, whats the best way of masterbation, anything else today besides using my foot?


How tall Do You mull over i will be?

get a book on yoga or cart a class and you can learn to vocally gratify yourself. You should be in pretty apposite physical shape to attempt this but what better reason to shave rotten a few pounds do you need?

What is the best path to stop razor unthinking?

let someone else use theirs

Question about Masterbating?

fake vagina i think its a fleshlight or something

I masturbate and have sex at smallest two times a day (somtimes more). Can this endanger my condition?

the real entry.

; )

Cure for penis discoloration?

hit it with a brick..

How to avoid lower than eye darck circle?

ermmmmmmmm a women or i here a dog could help you lol

Has any one every bought weed or pot online? How be it? Were the cops at the door like i suspect is going to?

what a jape.

Why cant i hold my pee?

Have someone else do it.??

Am I normal? im 16 and i inevitability...?

apply a c0ckstrap and use the hand still.

apply a c0ckstrap and Chant some Mantras and constract the penile tissues to the sounds of the chant. Do not touch the penis with hand. Let the penis work on it own. For a challenge, you can put a towel on it to see how HIGH you can bring to the fore it. For a more even challenging face, WET the towel.

Wear briefs two sizes too small for you. Now not applying hands tolerate the penis rub against the fabric of the briefs beside a gyrating motion. Remember no touching. (about 1 month)
As you master that technique, pull the penis out of the briefs through one of the legs. Let the penis "flap" against the thigh by doing a jump jack motion. Remember still no touching. (about 2 months)

As you master that technique, do the jumping jack motion beside NO BRIEFS on. The penis should now be flapping against alternately against the thigh and the tummy area. Remember still no touching.
You enjoy to use the briefs, boxers don't do well surrounded by those situations.

For 5'9 male 180 pounds well brought-up weight?

i hear some guys do it with a banana coating

If shoe size and male applicant length are related, why are my shoes longer than 2 inches?

stop being lethargic. nut

My husband have muzzle blocked with some excess weight in right nostril?

you can use a Watermelon, coat it and open a hole on it. you know the rest

Can day by day masturbation result in a low sperm count or does it enjoy side effects that can lead to infertility?

STop and progress

  • What can be used to make swallowing sperm better?
  • Can you use Rogaine for a long time?
  • Is this true?
  • My headache is around the middle of the ribs and almost the bottom of it but it is sharp even when I try to stand?
  • Does that Extense...really work??

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