During sleeping should one wear a tight underwear/briefs or loose boxers??

As in night mostly our penis enjoy erection. so is it worthy to wear a tight underwear or should we have boxers and consent to it have free movement that time.
Is within any medical benefits and disadvantages of either?
preferably Doctors/medical folks' advise please.


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Your examine gets no medical sense.
Everybody have to sleep with the underwear's type usually is wearing during the afternoon. There's no valid reason to progress model only contained by the expectation of a wet dreams. With boxer or brief raining dreams will happen matching and "free movements" you mentioned just aren't quantity of the unwilled erections. About benefits or disadvantages it only is a predilection (fashion) reality. Briefs came to avoid movements of the sexual organs during the on a daily basis routine and sack dangling more.

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Why wear underwear at adjectives? As long as you are comfortable. If clothing is essential I'd say wear loose boxers!

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Since you are sleeping...it is better to wear comfortable clothings.or if you perfer not to wear anything is fine...as long as youre comfortable...

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Where nothing. There have been research that shows that the constriction of any beneath garments is harmful to men.

However, Swedish researchers found that those who wear socks to bed sleep better.

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even though i am no doctor i do have adjectives sense.
never ever sleep in tight clothing.impose skin has requests to breath and you'll wake up near fugly marks on your skin.
loosy loose is BEST ...

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...boxes especially if your trying to own kids they help promote usual sperm production because your anatomy isn't can breath and react as it usually would short being confined..

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Commando is best but it is annoying when you get up up to find it has fall out of bed and rolled under the printer's table!

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You should wear loose "boxers" adjectives the time unless you are participating in some type of sport. The build up of heat within the testicles can have detrimental effects on sperm production. Go loose infant, it feels much better too!!

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Sleep unclothed man, it's totally cool

Just lay back and savour the freedom

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Boxers. The tight ones increase the heat which reduces the sperm count. Could be a problem if you want to enjoy children some day.

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If you are trying to bring back someone pregnant, boxers are the answer as tighty-whiteys hold the testicles to close to the body and they become to warm to produce sperm properly. If it is in recent times a matter of if you can violate it one way or the other, wear anything is most comfortable for you to sleep with.

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I wear boxers, sometimes briefs. Men who are trying to conceive wear boxers they allow your sack to sway and give them a free continuum of motion. Briefs can lower your sperm count if your wearing the wrong size or cut or style. I'm not a doctor but I am a guy so been in that and done that experience is my teacher...righteous luck

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I sleep totally in the nude!

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Loose is other better than tight, whether during daytime or at night. It's other better to keep your testicles away from the bake of your body temperature, as this improve sperm function. The only exception is when are practicing sports when some support is needed to prevent testicular strain.

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wear what you have

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