What should I do?

Last night,I dropped the grease on my penis for mustxxxx.However ,I still feel prickly.I do not want to tell my mother.What should I do?


Im getting a physical?

you hold probably just bruised yourself,tub in cool hose and when you need the toilet stir easy beside yourself,time will help your penis restore to health but remember it is very sensitive and requirements time to get pay for to normal

Guys do you use indubitable objects to mastrabate such as sandals?


Im 13 years old I hold just 1 testicle and I'm worried.. =(?

What munificent of oil do you use ? ??

Wash it and avoid it subsequent time . .

What is the best online pharmacy to buy Cialis?

You should cut it off. =3=
How come you used grease ?-.-''''

Big dick!!!!!!?

what is mustxxx? go to the doctor if youre contained by pain!

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