What is a brown circle that go around my penis?


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That is a scar when you be circumcised and the foreskin was removed

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If you're circumcised, it could be the deformity from that. My husband has a circumcision mutilation on his – it’s slightly darker and go in almost a supreme ring around it, just below the come first.

I’ve seen it to varying degree on a few different guys.

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I kinda guessed that adjectives guys are like this. Because I don't move about lookin at other guys...

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It's the blotch where you be circumcised. For some reason this defect appears as a brown ring around the penis. Some are close to the head and some are far spinal column on the shaft, but if you have a brown circle around your entry, It's from where the foreskin be trimmed off. It seem that the lighter your complexion the darker the circle or ring.

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its poop ring from your buddys butt

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thought it was white spots ?

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It's a circumcision defacement from the gomco clamp, a particularly barbaric article to do to a baby boy, that be probably done with no cramp relief. For some function it always leaves this brown ring.

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It is the mark from your circumcision. They appear as a brown ring around the penis and was where on earth the foreskin was attached. Don't verbs about it though as it is pretty normal and adjectives circumcised penises have this brown ring. Some are dark or more pronounced than others. Most women kind of silently admire this and ruminate its kind of sexy.

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