is mastrubation is unwholesome for man ?

i meet the students who mastrubates. they ask me is it common?
i have no answer please comfort me out.


Please help me?

Only if you do it beside a vacuum cleaner -) If you do that normally - it's even right for you. The recent published studies said that men who masturbate often hold less casual to get a prostate cancer. So it's a win-win situation -)

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of course it is normal.

Does mannish mastubation has any adverse strength effect?

yes, it's very mundane.

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masturbation is run of the mill for a man as taking a whiz standing up

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yes it is normal !! ! ! ! !

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yes, it is average

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yeah it is common every guy masterbates it is only human personality!

Should i be masterbating?

Yes, masturbation is very ordinary. Even animals do it.

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of course its normal

I am squeezing my nuts during masturbation. is nearby any harm?

yeah; it will brand name you go blind!

Is it true that releasing your semen/sperm everday is fruitless for your health?

if it harmed men they wouldnt be alive and doing it today

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Are you trying to tell us you have nothing surrounded by common beside this student?

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don't act close to you dont masterbate..please.

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If it was insanitary then the mannish population would die off within about 7 days.

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Only harmful if you rub too easier said than done! Everyone does it (if they are honest)

Is this normal?

Only if ya find caught!! lol

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No, unless you do it in some unexpected way. The objection to maturbation is usually base on religious dogma or spousal jealousy.

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if we didnt do it, we would have seriously of gfrumpy people within the world. its verry normal. And its cheaper than a prostitute

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Masturbation is vastly harmful! It can organize to blindness, hairy palms, and smaller penises.

That is. if you are uber religious.

Masturbation is completley non-hazardous, and is completely normal. Many associates masturbate. The statistic I like best is "90% of men masturbate. The other 10% flop about it."

How too???..?

Nope. Nothing is wrong beside "having a tug-o-war beside cyclops",spunking stomach pancakes, shaking hands near Ben Franklin, or Spreading the mayo. Go for it dude. Go ahead a create mass genocide on your living room floor.

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masterbation is normal, and it is not venomous in itself

however, plentiful people believe it is unwholesome to fantasize over and lust after anyone (real or fictional) that you are not married to

in that sense, if you believe that, consequently it would usually be harmful

Guys: a fun give somebody the third degree for u?

Dude, masturbation is a normal part of the pack of life. It is the best path to explore our bodies and find what really works for us. You can then consent to your partner know exactly how to please you. Everybody has done it; I don't aid who you are!

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It is usual as long as it doesn't take away from your other day after day activities or adversely affect other ancestors.

If your failing school because your not studying and masturbating for 5 hours a daytime, yes than you have a problem.

But otherwise, it is immaculately natural and not poisonous.

Hope that helps.

P.S. after reading these, please remind me NEVER to see Dr_SoHa on this post. I'm a nurse and this doctor have no clue what he is talking roughly speaking.

He is speaking on a religious bases and not on quantifiable fact. The certainty he used the word Allah gives that away. That is a religious culture, and certainly not well-mannered advice for this venue or this party seeking a true medical answer.

What medical school are you going to Dr? I never want to go their.

Causes neoplasms? Depression? In reality the endorphans created by masterbating generate a feeling of economically being.

Guilt single comes from those like yourself doctor who guilt yourself into beleiving it's wrong for anything reason. In your armour, defining Allah gave you away. You're a ground-breaking moslem pushing your religious beleifs on someone without stating proven fact.

And as a doctor you are supposed to make out other cultures and norms, and not push yours sour on your patients.

If you where liscensed, I'd be file a complaing with the medical board for givng such unpromising advice.

It does NOT make happen cancer! If I could vote, I would give this Dr. two thumbs down!!

And this is our subsequent generation of medical professionals? We are within trouble for sure!!

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not lone is it safe, but at hand are studies that too much back up of sperm might not be obedient for it also dispells agression

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no buddy.mastrubation is not at all poisonous.moreover it helps a human being to control as wel as satisfy his emotion..

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dame u guys r approaching guys ya ppl suppose to know dont u guys ever had sex class or anything no it is not hurtful it does not do anything tell that guy he could mastrubates adjectives he want

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I heard that Harvard university conducted a survey and the results be that, 98% of us do it quite regular and to other 2% are liars. From my experience, women do it of late as often, but don't chitchat about it as freely.

Sperm or not? I dont know. *sad*?

Its average

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Masturbating is a great, usual thing for us to do. Although insecure populace will lie roughly speaking it.. Everyone touches themselves! How else are you going to know what works best for you sexually?? ITS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT!!

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