How will viagra, or celias effect a man who have a pacemaker and defibulator?


How i want someone to be fainted??

Drain his battery.

Only for doctors!!?

You may want to find a herbal alternative such as ProVigraX. Always consult a physician.

Does drikinking water use up Sexual temptation?

The solely answer I would trust is one from a licensed doctor. Ask your doctor! Don't just win answers from people here. Ask your doctor! If someone have a pacemaker, they have a cardiologist who can impart a reliable, educated answer. Once again, ask the doctor!

i hold a sharp pain basically below my stomach, right the way across, i cant move, does anyone know what it is?

Ask your doctor. There may be other reason why not to use it. Both of them, I do believe have the potential to motive a drop in BP which could front to a dangerous condition for someone who have a Pace Maker.

Calling all men who had vasectomys, I hold a question!?

might create the pacemaker to fire prematurely. i am sure the dr has strongly. suggested not using those pills. dont work economically with nitro and other blood pressure prescription.

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