How big is your penis supposed to be at 13 years weak?

Mine is 4 inches long. Just anwwer if u r gonna answer my question. Not to notify me not to worry. Just go ur aim and we can compare. I am not gay or a sexual molester i am just curious similar to alot of other teens.


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listen young boa, if its that size when your 13, its gonna pretty much stay that size. So you should lately get use to it. Its alot of 13/14/15 year behind the times boys that have 8 inches. So don't hold on to the hope its going to grow bigger. Just don't enjoy sex until you are married.

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mine is 4 inch but thats average and you are still growing so your normal.

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im 13 and mines roughly speaking 5 inches

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Everyone's different. As long as you're healthy you shouldn't verbs about it. And if other folks do, tell them to shove bad, it's none of their business!

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At 13 4 inches is fine. It will grow more. I am 14 so we're more or less the same age.

Good luck!

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I don't want to give an account you "don't worry" but DUDE DONT WORRY

So it's 4 inches. bodies grow at different rates.

You could stop there and be bigger than some men.. or you could hold another 5 inches to go and be bigger than most men..

So how is comparing near other 13 year olds going to change any of that, if approaching it matters at adjectives?

The only place you requirement a big one is during a business meeting when everyone surrounded by the room starts to compare them... and then partially the people within those meetings at the moment have strap ons!

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Well I'm 13 (going on 14 in 16 days) and im like 7.5-8 inches when I'm concrete, and 4 inches when im not.

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my aim is


When people say aloud i think 6 inches, consequently their thinking wrong, since that's only surrounded by a Internet study were the guys means them self, the best known studies concluded (and measured by doctors), that 75% of men will be between 5.3 to 6.2 inches, and the single average number is 5.5 inches, most men dive between 5 to 6 inches (65%), and normal is 4 to 7 inches (85%), consequently the rest so 15% are smaller then 4 and larger the 7, so not copious men. Also another reason why the 6 inch average is not right, is becasue penis size enlargment companies, read out that 6 inches is average, they say this becasue they know that plentiful men will be like 5.5 inches, and they will crash for the gain that .5 inch and be average or above, its not true.

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you're only 13 and its already 4 inches? wow-The common size in full-size hood is 6 inches so if you're only 2 inches away and thriteen youll probebly conclusion up with one at nearly 7or8 but no that's the normal size

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dude u r fucked up

20 masculine and will be turning 21 in 5 months and I really want to grow 2 more inches. And ideas what I can do?

i dont know how big its supposed to be
any im 13 aswell and my penis is 8.5 inches long

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Duh-OK. Sounds right to me!

i have need of to kow?

nothing wrong with 4 inches whether you are 13 or 31. It is not the length but your keenness to practice being honourable at what you use it for.

and as for comparing guys do it; it is perfectly majority curiousity and has zilch to do with man gay or straight or perverted or anythign else. So, if you want to compare penises, then do it; it is quantity of learning in the region of humanity in adjectives its forms. Just don;t ever put anyone down because they are different in size or down or colour or whatever; remember they too are majority as are you.

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sounds like some sort of molester around here

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You're OK, it will grow as you do. Don't verbs.

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Your not done growing. Trust me I be that size and now I'm 27 and severl inches bigger. And don't believe fatgirl. she's jelous cuz she ain't getting any. Hmmm wonder if the drive is in her describe? When I was that age i be worried too about my size. But once you enjoy a girl orgasm so bad her leggs are shaking, you know your moral at what you do. And that counts more than size. What's the point of a big gun if it don't work or shoot straight?

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There is no average or "supposed to" size at 13. At 13 some guys are finished next to puberty or well into it while others haven't even started. I started puberty at a exceptionally young age, but it grew amazingly slowly up until I was around 20. Everyone grows at different speeds and that's impeccably normal.

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my aim is rock4life 68

whats is urs and im 13 and my penis is only 2 1/2 when i erect and smaller quantity than a half an inch when i dont erect

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im 13 and mines 6 almost 7 so idk im thinking mines small to

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im 12.8, so about 13. mine is 4.6

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The size varies among different empire.

Is it true...?


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