A condom subjectively showed up within my toilet?


I was on the toilet.I look down before flushing and there is a condom surrounded by the toilet. No one has been home for 24 hours . I have not have sex. No one has had sex in my house apparantly for six months or more. how did a condom fall up in my toilet? I am pretty effin positive it didnt fall out of me..


what the hell

dead serious i obligation answers
Answers:    If you had not had sex for a long time then someone within your house is getting some.

A common, yucky thing is that it could have fall out of you.

Sometimes a condom will come off, either it was too loose on him or you are incredibly tight.

But if you had not had sex in times past week or so, then yeah, someone is hour house is definately getting some booty :) Source(s): Me, Myself, & I

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Well, that's a weird one. I think we can discount artifice and the paranormal straight away!
So I see the possible answers as follows...in order of prospect:
1. Someone has had a sex session in your house and tried to flush a condom...which didn't flush.
2. Someone have had a sex session in your house and tried to flush a condom...which didn't flush.
3. Someone has have a sex session in your house and tried to flush a condom...which didn't flush.

Sorry, but that's how I see it. The simplest explanation is usually the one to go with.

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Are you sure someone wasn't contained by your house? People often flush condoms down the toilet, its easy to get rid of them close to that but they don't always flush the first time. It could have been a prank. I don't really conjecture you were date raped, you wouldn't remember having sex that way but you may get the impression "hungover" the next day.

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what are the locks on your doors like? I'd put on an extra deadlock a moment ago in case its some psychopath

check to see if anyone has physically gotten surrounded by somehow
window locks, bathroom windows, basement, attic etc etc..

probably get some d.i.y wireless surveillance, cheap as chips these days Source(s): security industry, sounds approaching someone has successfully been into your apartment/house and relieved himself while looking at some of your pictures.. sick i kno

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What the hell is right! That is seriously weird. Do you enjoy neighbors you are close with? I used to live in a neighborhood where I be super close with everyone and it would not be unusual for one of them to go in my house when I wasn't home if they required to borrow something. But I don't think any of them would have sex in my house. Maybe you should check and brand name sure nothing is missing. This is crazy! Good luck.

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Did you ever think your significant other told you he wasnt nearby and actually was there. Think roughly it. The answer is usually as simple as we originally think it is, but we try to dissuade ourselves from the truth because that is what we want to believe.

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Maybe someone had sex surrounded by your house that you don't know of an through it in there and tried to flush it and it didn't go down when they thought it did.

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Thats strange, but I construe Kelly M is right. Otherwise someone MUST be lying. Did you have sex shortly before? Its very irregular I must say!

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It sounds like someone in your house is lying almost not having sex.

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Maybe people broke into your house and had sex here and left (:

Or maybe someone's trying to pull your leg.

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How can you be sure it is condom?

Or conceivably someone is masturbating.

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Do you have a friend who would pull a prank on you?

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Someone is lyin!
lol if it isnt you then theres someone surrounded by you house doing something there not suppposed to be doing!

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From the info it sounds like it did fall out of you!

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Wow, that's unnatural.

I'm guessing the sewers backed up.

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Hmmm...who else lives surrounded by your house?

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um could have just been stuck within the water that came into your toilet

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you ate a condom, and you crapped it out

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Ok Yuck, sewer back up, i don't conjecture people should flush those.

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your toilet's a twilight zone

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was it used? :S

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some one got some spaining to doh!

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lemme guess u gotta raped and didint no almost it? check if your cherry is popped

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i have a attitude your spouse is gay.

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