Can you intravenously use alchohol?.can you shoot up vodka or whiskey to capture drunk??

i aint askin if its a good askin if itll work (im sure it would) but i wanna know if i could die from it...i know if i shoot up like a pint of it i would die but if i shot up any amount would it waste me?

Answers:    This could very predictable kill you. When you drink alcohol, you stomach & digestive tract break it down and slowly introduce it into your bloodstream. If you be to shoot it, you'd probably kill the surrounding tissue if you don't shoot yourself first.
I don't know if it would kill you...I be determined it's probably not good and it'd probably work... I am not sure if it would wipe out you but it would definitely result in you some bodily harm, its not worth the risk. PS why would you want to do it within the first place?
Did you read Nikki Sixx's book too? I know they use to give women who go into premature labor alcohol intravenously but I don't know if it would make you drunk but it would probably bring in you drunk faster than drinking and would probably give you alcohol poisoning faster to

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