Can a man ejaculate if he is castrated?

Answers:    nope
nope. That's a big no.
Castration is the removal of the testicles... without them, no semen or ejaculate is produced.

Most of the society answering your question enjoy a vasectomy confused with castration.

With a vasectomy, you can still ejaculate. With a castration, you can not.
No, because the ball produce the sperm that should have come out. No, there's zilch to ejaculate from.
No, he doesn't have testicles If you suggest Snipped, Clipped or tied, then yes, they do. There is no Sperm surrounded by the ejaculate though.
yes. i got a vasectomy, which unsophisticatedly stops anything from the testicles. 85% of what you ejaculate is fluid OTHER than semen. so yes you will ejaculate, just lacking little spermies swimmin in the hose. there is also no switch in sex drive, or capability. Hardly dude!
Surgical castration, also called orchiectomy, involves the physical removal of the testicles, which produce 95 percent of a man's testosterone. However, the small amount still produced by the adrenal glands could be ample to allow some sexual function to remain. It may be possible for him to become aroused and even to ejaculate, although his erection may be modest and there won't be any sperm contained by his semen. Wow. The people answering this interview are stupid.

Yes, he will still be able to ejaculate. The semen in recent times will not contain any sperm.
10-30% of a man's semen is produced by the prostate. A further 65-75% of the volume comes from the seminal vesicles. Neither of these organs are removed or disconnected in a castration.

In other words, yes, he can.
My husband be castrated 15 years ago
He gets erect have better orgasms than before he be castrated and ejaculates newly like he did previously.

He would ejaculate every day it is 2 or 3 times a month.

The with the sole purpose change within him was his sex drive slowed channel down ..he reaches orgasm much slower and orgasm go lasts longer and is drastically intense like a feminine.
as a castrated man ..the answer is yes he can...and has for years

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