Urologist sticking a camera up a Pee hole! oblige!?

Can urologist put a camera up ur pee hole ? My English teacher said he have to get it done. He said it be most painful point ever and discomfortable. My penis has be hurting maybe a vain or something. Im really panicky to have this done to my penis. Is near any other ways how they can check penis ? like X-ray will that show anything wrong inside ur penis ?

Answers:    X-rays are used to check for bone disorders and significant problems surrounded by the major areas of the body. It is significantly unlikely that the doctor will x-ray you penis as it is extremely close to you gonads which are your reproductive organs. The last entity that you doctor wants or requests is a law suit when you hold difficulty making babies. As to the probe for the ureter that is to say done on a daily reason in most city hospitals. The circle is simular to the knid that they use to look in other parts of the body lately a lot smaller and more flexible. There is a wispy on the end of it as very well as a suction port and it also has the flair to take small sample for biopsy. The scope is lubricated near a lidocaine enhanced waterbased gel and gently inserted into the tip of the penis. As the doctor looks through the eye piece he can finance the scope as he/she view the ureter. If you are feeling discomfort the doctor can flush the ureter near lidocaine via the scope. You can also request medication to serve you relax before you even start the procedure. I can't stress strongly adequate that you talk to you physician nearly how you feel until that time you go surrounded by for the test. Your doctor wants to know that your scared so that he/she can brand you more comfortable. Good luck.
hahaha good luck The procedure is call cystoscopy, and yes, they can put a camera into your urethra and look at your bladder. They usually do this if they are concerned about bladder or prostate cancer. They usually donate the patient a anaesthetic and a painkiller ahead of time.

If your penis have been hurting, your doctor will probably exam your urine for STD's and do an exam to check it. If he/she cannot diagnose the problem, then he may refer you to a urologist, but at hand are many ways to find out what the hard to please problem might be before you would entail a cystoscopy. Please don't avoid going to your doctor because of things you might have hear.

Why was your English guru discussing this in class btw?
I've placed a steel rod into my meatus (pee hole) call a sound out of curiosity. I have heard that it would hurt resembling helll if you put something up there but it didn't hurt at adjectives. In fact it feel really weird approaching I was masturbating from the inside of my johnson. Now instead, my dad had a tumor within his bladder and the doctor removed it by putting a long probe near a camera up there and be able to clutch the tumor with little clamps and pulled it out through his penis. He said that hurt massively very unpromising, as the tumor was the size of a quarter. I don't focus they would do something like that short something to numb you first.
In your case perchance an xray and urine test to rule out things first the as a end resort will they go surrounded by with the influence. they start with have you pee in a cup and conducting tests it for bacteria, they don't start near something so invasive. If you have something wrong, budge to the doctor. then, if it is not bacterial infections, they may refer you to a urologist. I dream up it is dumb for a teacher to discuss about it in need fully explaining the facts. duhhh!
Talk about it next to your doctor or your parents. i dont think so
I really don't know what they would do, but the certainty is if you are in agony you need to see a doctor. I know its a bit shameful to have to confront, but doctors are use to it.

My direction is never worry roughly speaking a medical procedure or treatment you may not ever have to hold done. I doubt such a procedure would be the first thing they would want to do. More imagined that they would need a concrete good aim to do it anyway.

Be safe, be sage
try not jerk off so much that may give support to your penis either that or you want to jerk stale because everyone knows that your penis will explode if you do not yank off. god immediately you have me thinkin, Oweee *high voice*
Don't verbs about this until the urologist tell you he needs to do this procedure.

But, if he does, be sure and describe him about your concern almost the pain potential, and bring back his assurance that your sedation level will be passable to minimize or even eliminate the headache. Some are good roughly speaking taking care of this, various are not. No excuse for this being a uncomfortable procedure. Just an unconcerned urologist whose never had one done on himself.

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