Sister saw my penis?

I was sleep surrounded by boxer shorts and I woke up with a huge erection. I'm 15 years outmoded and my sister is 7 years old. She be in the room and she saw it. The erection stuck through my fly so she could truly see my penis. It's pretty fat, I'm close to 4.5 inches long but 3.5 inches wide belive it or not,so it probably looked really freaky to her, higher than all that, I be ejaculating! She get scared and run away screaming. I told my mom (never had a dad) and afterwards she went to tell to my sister. Even though my mom explained to her that boys and girls are different, my sister still avoids me. She thought it was terrifying looking and acts close to she's scared of me or something. She shuts out every masculine she knows. She doesn't want to play next to any of her guy friends anymore. I just want a relationship near my baby sister again what should I do? She's not comming around, it's be like 2 months! My mom tried to oblige but she just can't receive through to her. Sister won't associate with me. It hurts.

Answers:    That's so heartbreaking. If that continues, perhaps she should see a child psychoanalyst. I mean, it's disrupting your ancestral life and she's avoiding ALL guys.

I aspiration you luck!
awe thats such a sad story...I don`t know u should try talking to her in the region of it shes ur little sister and loves u she will come around eventually
good luck hope everything works out LOL SHOW PICS OF IT! MY EMAIL IS SHAUN5555555555(a)YAHOO.COM
Can I see your penis? email me your penis pic at supermen_red(a) Instead of showing it to your little sister show it to us. Be proud of your penis basically hide it when you requirement to lol

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