Which nation have the largest penis size on average?

Also wondered how Native Americans score surrounded by this area?

Answers:    Here is a survey from the jackinworld website that should answer some question about penis size.

Readers be asked to measure their erect penis for length and circumference using uniform, precise methods. They be told: "If you have even the slightest inducement to lie or exaggerate your measurements on this survey, or if you aren't interested contained by getting a precise measurement by using the methods outlined below, please do us adjectives a favor and skip the next two question."


This was the measure method given for length:
With a rigid ruler handy, get a full erection. Lay the ruler along the top of your penis, and press the wrapping up of the ruler firmly against your body (where the pubic hair is). Hold your penis against the ruler beside your hand, straighten out as much as possible any curvature that may exist, and try to hold your penis so that it's sticking straight out from your body. Then determine the ruler reading at the especially end of your penis.

Question: The non-exaggerated length of your erect penis, as measured by the above method (please don't imbue in if you didn't follow the directions):

Overall average: 6.07"

By age:
o age 12 4.47"
o age 13 5.28"
o age 14 5.67"
o age 15 5.95"
o age 16 6.14"
o age 17 6.20"
o age 18 6.13"
o ages 19 and elder 6.30"

By ethnicity (age 15 and over only):
o Blacks 6.89"
o Asians 5.33"
o Whites 6.22"
o Hispanics 6.15"
o Native Americans 5.66"

In the average male, the penis reach close to its adult length by in the region of age 14 but continues to grow slowly until about age 16. Again, the taster size of some minority groups was too small for definitive statistical analysis, but according to these findings, relations of African heritage report the longest penises on the whole, followed by whites, Hispanics, and Native Americans. As a group, Asians reported the smallest penis sizes among the ethnicities. Penis size and masturbation at an hasty age are probably unrelated. However, readers near larger penises currently masturbate slightly more frequently than those with smaller penises. Why? Who know?


This was the measure method given for circumference:
With a flexible tape consider or piece of string handy, get a full erection. Measure the distance around (NOT across) the fattest sector of your penis. In other words, wrap the tape consider or string around the shaft and measure it that channel.

Question: The non-exaggerated circumference (not diameter) of your erect penis, as measured by the above method (please don't fill within if you didn't follow the directions):

Overall average: 4.37"

By age:
o age 12 2.98"
o age 13 3.88"
o age 14 3.99"
o age 15 4.19"
o age 16 4.33"
o age 17 4.31"
o age 18 4.60"
o age 19 and over 4.63"

By ethnicity (age 15 and over only):
o Blacks 4.55"
o Asians 4.20"
o Whites 4.48"
o Hispanics 4.42"
o Native Americans 3.74"

On the average, the penis seems to grow surrounded by circumference slightly longer than it grows in length, reaching a maximum contained by the late teens. Findings within relation to ethnicity and age of first masturbation were similar to the findings for length.
america?? us brits enjoy the biggest! everyone knows that!
It's a place call "Fantasyland" and a lot of men live within. African men.
Horselandia... it is south of Antarctica... Overall blacks have larger penises. So I would vote Africa. And from what I know Natives have the smallest right above Asians I deem. But overall, this doesn't mean that an Asian can't hold a bigger penis than a black.
A S. average there is no such point as average. That answers the first part of your grill.The NORMAL size of a mans penis is what his penis size is. The second fragment of the question is that since adjectives of us a different, you would have no such entry as a larger black penis, or smaller Native American penis. All nations are indistinguishable. What on earth would administer you the idea, as plentiful other less informed culture on here? That there is a Nation, or ethnic group so as to speak, that hold a larger number of penises. The answer is none. Since we are all different. The third subdivision is Native Americans don't score any different contained by this area, later you would if they were to device your penis in a survey near them. A penis is a penis no matter the length. Native American men are the largest. Most originate from the Wannaputoneinya tribes along the present day Applachia region.
I would influence Africa. They have done frequent studies on this. I like the guy that said Native Americans are the smallest.I get proof that says otherwise partner. i don't know y they right to be heard asains have smaller but mine is big
i am indian
There isn't one. The integral stereo type about penis size and see is exactly that, a stereotype, and stereotypes are false assumptions about a group of individuals. No certain see has a penis explicitly particularly larger than the rest, because here is no biological reason for that to be so. The drive one thinks that these stereotypes are true is because one see black men with huge penises, the stereotypical black man, and consequently one see one with an average penis, and you automatically would assume that the man near the smaller penis is abnormal, when surrounded by reality, it's the other style around. The same applies with Asians and any other see. Penis size is genetic, and if anything passed along through family, but family do not by any means report for the entire race. If you be to survey, and get honest answers, you'd see that penis size is pretty much average amongst adjectives races, next to some extremities here and there, but you'd see that they be all virtually like. Fiance is from Africa and it is definitely bigger than any white guy I've be with or any black American.
I bet Arabs because they initiate their kids the JELGING techniques surrounded by their early teen/adlolescent ages.

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